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The first “The Cava Academy” ends in London

On Monday 23rd of July the first “The Cava Academy” concluded in London with the delivery of diplomas to the 40 participating sommeliers.

It is an ambitious project designed to promote premium cavas among the best restaurants in the world through advanced training for their sommelier personnel. The project it is expected to expand to the main premium cava markets in the next years.

The Spanish ambassador in the United Kingdom, Carlos Bastarreche Sagûes, the director of Food and Wines from Spain, Maria Naranjo, and the president of DO Cava, Pedro Bonet, delivered the diplomas and a silver insignia that recognize the first “Academicians” of “The Cava Academy”.

Filippo Carnevale, senior sommelier at the Ritz Hotel in London; Heidi Mäkinen, sommelier of the 67 Pall Mall; and Victor Pinheiro de Almeida, Head Sommelier at the Aquavit restaurant in London obtained the highest grades and won a prize consisting in a trip to know the DO Cava main region for several days.

The project was praised by the attending authorities for its innovative structure and its high technical level. María Naranjo, director of Food and Wines from Spain, said that DO Cava “has always been a reference for the quality of its projects, especially those devoted to the training of professionals”. Pedro Bonet, president of the DO Cava, said this projects “came out of the need of training the best prescriptors in the wine industry, professional sommeliers, to show them the versatility of cava as a gastronomy wine”.

To offer the highest academic level, ‘The Cava Academy’ includes a team of teachers of the maximum prestige:

–    Lenka Sedlackova MW

–    Fernando Mora MW

–    Sarah Jane Evans MW

–    Richard Hemming MW

–    Matthew Longuere MS

–    Silvia Grimaldo, Director of Communication at DO Cava

“The Cava Academy” features six training blocks about the history and rules of DO Cava, viticulture and grapes variety, enology, cava vintages, Cava de Paraje Calificado, market figures and promotion of cava, and marriages and the perfect serving of cava. Different topics, from the origin of cava to its serving, will be treated in depth to educate authentic cava experts and give them the technic and practice resources needed to widen the offer of cavas in their restaurants.

In addition, after each block a magisterial tasting will be performed to reinforce the learnings. Once all the blocks are completed, the students will have to complete a written test and a blind tasting. Those who pass both tests will receive the title of ‘Academists and official members of The Cava Academy’.

This project reflects the firm commitment to the specific formation on premium cavas to the main global prescriptors, in line with the work done by the DO Cava during the last four years under the presidency of Pedro Bonet.