Consejo Regulador del Cava Consejo Regulador del Cava

The Cava Regulatory Board regrets the AVEC decision to leave the cava brand empowerment project

Members of AVEC, which represent 0.94% of the whole cava production, won’t be able to use or reference the brand Cava as well as the Gran Reserva and Cava de Paraje Calificado categories which are of exclusive use for DO Cava members

Vilafranca del Penedes, January 30th 2019.- Afte the announcement of AVEC decision to leave DO Cava, the Cava Regulatory Board regrets its decision of stop working together in a project to empower the Cava brand.

 The Cava Regulatory Board, after being notified by AVEC members of their decision to leave the DO Cava, wants to express its respect of such decision, voluntary and private, of a series of producing companies who grew and consolidated under the DO Cava wing.

Since AVEC announced its decision of creating a new collective brand, there have been several meetings with the Cava Regulatory Board to work on an integrative project to boost the quality of cavas while acknowledging the differentiating values of the territory and viticulture.

The new Cava Regulatory Board plenary, elected after democratic elections on July 2018, started workin in a key project based on zoning the Cava territory to specify the origin of the grapes. This would provide producers and consumers with a qualitative segmentation that would allow to differentiate cava categories. For this reason, it offered AVEC to work together since both associations share a same vision on territory value and quality.

Unfortunately, all the efforts of the last months have failed since AVEC members have decided to voluntarily leave DO Cava as they don’t agree with the time limits of such a project. “Time is the greater discrepancy. We share the objectives of territory and quality, but that wasn’t enough to convince them and finally they decided to follow their own path. The Cava Regulatory Board has always said that only unity provides the necessary strength to successfully compete in the global market. Under this premise, we wanted to integrate AVEC in a project we all share and from the perspective of a DO as a perfect example of the qualification system of our industry, which offers warranty, traceability and authenticity for the consumer”, said Javier Pagés, president of the Cava Regulatory Board.

Once they leave DO Cava, AVEC members can no longer use the Cava brand as well as the Gran Reserva and Cava de Paraje Calificado categories, which are of exclusive use for cava producers members of the DO Cava and that currently represent the top of the quality sparkling wines worldwide. It is to be noted that a Denominación de Origen Protegida such as Cava is the maximum European qualification for wines and thus, its requisites are very strict in terms of quality, inspections, control and labelling.

Currently AVEC buys 0.4% of DO Cava grapes and represents 0.94% of its wine production. All the industry (the 37,700 hectares of producing land, the 374 cellars and the 6,668 wine producers that belong to DO Cava) wants to share its commitment with the project to promote the Cava brand, its territory and its viticulture to gain a great prestige and notoriety worldwide and position itself as a leader in prestige and quality sparkling wines, integrating all those people who share this target.