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The Cava Regulatory Board announces the second edition of its ‘Best International Cava Sommelier’ contest

Vilafranca del Penedés (Barcelona), September 2016.- The Cava Regulatory Board announced today the ‘Best International Cava Sommelier’ contest with the aim collaborating in the training of food and beverage services professionals and contributing to the professionalization of cava knowledge.

The winner of the first edition of the ‘Best Spanish Cava Sommelier’ was Guillermo Cruz, sommelier at the Mugaritz restaurant, who won a competition between 19 finalists at the grand final held with huge success on 16th February 2015 in Barcelona. Diego Muñoz, sommelier at La Lobita restaurant (Soria), finished in second position, while Juan Francisco Carmona, from the Pura Cepa restaurant (Murcia), finished third. More than 450 sommeliers took part in the competition throughout 12 regional semifinals held all over Spain.

The second edition, with a biennial length, will be developed in 11 Spanish cities, while the international semifinals will be held in Belgium and Mexico. Professionals from the wine sales and services industry and food and beverage services schools working anywhere in the world are welcome to the contest.

The contest will take place during a day in which participants will first enjoy a masterclass on the cava world by professionals from the Cava Regulatory Board. Then, participants will proof their skills in a blind tasting with different types of cavas and also must submit a written text about the world of cava. Once the tests are over, a professional jury will evaluate the results and the winners will receive a cash scholarship prize of 1,200 euros and a gold medal for the first place, as well as 800 euros and a silver medal for the second place in each of the semifinals.

If you wish to participate in the contest, you can submit a petition to the Cava Regulatory Board website ( o do it through its Facebook and Twitter profiles; you can also write to the e-mail to get more information. Local associations of sommeliers, maîtres, barmen and club professionals and food and beverage services schools in Spain, Belgium and Mexico will also provide information about the contest.





  • Madrid and Castilla-La Mancha. 25 October at the Hotel Urban in Madrid.
  • Cantabria, Euskadi and La Rioja (San Sebastian)


  • Belgium (Brussels)



  • Catalonia and Andorra
  • Castilla y León
  • Balearic Islands
  • Canary Islands
  • Valencia and Murcia
  • Asturias and Galicia
  • West Andalusia, Ceuta and Extremadura
  • East Andalusia and Melilla
  • Aragon and Navarre


  • Mexico (México DF)