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DO pays homage to the wine-making sector with ‘Green Book Cava Wineyard’


DO pays homage to the wine-making sector with ‘Green Book Cava Wineyard’

The book has been written by DO Cava Technical Deparment and pays tribute to the roots. It also places importance to the good practices in wine-making.

The book was premiered last June in a international event for the new Premium category ‘Single Estate Cava’.

DO Cava has published ‘Green Book Cava Wineyard’ with the purpose to show the viticulturist’s efforts and give the importance that wine-making derserves in the cava world.

Written by the DO Cava technical services, the book consists in an amazing trip through landscapes, nature, history and future of the wine-making sector. Meticulous work and land care are showed as the main basis for elaborating  high quality cava in admired landscapes.

The book stands out aspects like wine landscape and make a tour for the vegetative lineage cycle. It also shows a good practices diagram applied to the wineyard farming. Besides it speak about wine-tourism, a new source of clean wealth for territory and a new form to publicize cavas.

The chairman of the Cava Regulatory Board, Pedro Bonet, writes the foreword. The book emphasizes the importance of joint work between viticulture and enology for achieving the optimal results in harvest and consequently in cava. The revision has been made by the chairman of CEPvi, wine landscape advocate, and has been illustrated by Nuria Tomàs Mayolas, local artist from Vilafranca.

At the Single Estate Cava premiere, participants, wine sector personalities and wine connected people received a book copy as a gift. Green Book Cava Wineyard is available in Catalan, Spanish and English and it will be distributed free between wine-making sector as in free download from the Cava webpage

downloadThe Green Book of Cava – ENG