Consejo Regulador del Cava Consejo Regulador del Cava


The quality achieved by Cava starts in the vineyard. Harvesting the grapes, arranging and transporting them to the cellars is carried out with great care and as speedily as possible to reduce the time elapsed between harvesting and obtaining the must as much as possible.

When the grapes reach the cellars the process of making the cuvée starts, extracting the must with a gentle pressing to obtain high quality must.

This must is then clarified, and the fermentation process starts using selected yeast, under strict temperature control to make the most of the aromas of each variety, each of which is vinified separately.

Once the vinification is complete, the winemakers determine the proportion of each type and variety to be used for the coupage, which will produce the various cavas. Wines using different varieties complement each other to produce a wine with its own personality which defines the characteristics of each brand.