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DO Cava will join the 4th Annual INSA-UB Workshop

November 12, 2018.- The Institute for the Research on Nutrition and Food Safety of the University of Barcelona will celebrate the 4th edition of its annual INSA-UB Workshop, which this year will be titled ‘Science and properties of cava and wine’. The session will be held on November 15 at the University of Barcelona campus in Santa Coloma de Gramenet. During the event, DO Cava will offer a cava and cured ham tasting at 5 pm by sommelier Silvia Culell.

The meeting will serve to gather researchers, both from the Institute and from the scientific community, and show their work on wines and cavas from a transversal and multidisciplinary point of view.

The workshop will begin at 9.30 am with an introduction by Rosa María Lamuela, director of INSA-UB, Nuria Parlón, mayor of Santa Coloma de Gramenet, and Carmen Vidal, associate dean for Food and Nutrition of University of Barcelona. After the introduction, the workshop will be divided in three different blocks: ‘Flavors and sensory features’, ‘Wine macromolecules and metabolites’, and ‘Perception of wine consumption’.

Researchers, companies, entities and students will gather at this meeting that will feature presentations, tastings and conferences by wine and cava experts.