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DO Cava takes Tokyo by storm

2 November 2018.– On 24 October the Happo-en Hall in Tokyo held the annual Wines of Spain Show organized by the Tokyo Business and Trade Bureau. For second year in a row, participants –most of them journalists, sommeliers, restaurant and wine shop owners, and importers– were invited to take part in a seminar by DO Cava.

The success of the event was showcased when in less than a week request to attend it were double the capacity of the hall. The seminar was a two hours-long explanation on DO Cava, its history, rules, method, climate and terroir, as well as the different types and categories of cava, including the new ‘Cava de Paraje Calificado’ category, which was of special interest for the audience.

The seminar was conducted by the DO Cava Director of Communications, Silvia Grimaldo. After the seminar, a taste of 10 premium cavas was offered, including a Reserva cava, five Gran Reserva cavas, and four ‘Cava de Paraje Calificado’. The tasting session included the presence of the prestigious Japanese sommelier Kazuto Sakurai who described each and every one of the wines and offered information about their producers: Peralada, Sumarroca, Juvé & Camps, Giró Ribot, Segura Viudas, Roger Goulart, Pere Ventura, Codorniú, Freixenet and Gramona.

In addition, Sakurai highlighted the excellent quality of these cavas, their freshness even though they are long vintage wines, their fragrance and structure, as well as their creaminess.

At the end of the seminar, the audience showed their gratitude for the fantastic session and the quality of premium cavas.

The show had many cava brands from different importers, which shows the interest of the Japanese market for these sparkling wines that are a synonym of quality and tradition.