Consejo Regulador del Cava Consejo Regulador del Cava


Cava’s versatility enables it to combine well with difficult dishes. The wealth of aromas of the different types of white and rosé cavas means there is always an ideal Cava for any dish.

Cava is a wine which accompanies every course of a meal, either simple fare or a party. From seafood to desserts, including traditional roasts, there is always a suitable Cava to accompany them.

A Brut Cava, at the right temperature, is ideal for accompanying any snack, either canapés, oysters, ham, cheese or nuts.

We should choose a Brut or Brut Reserva for seafood, fish, rice dishes and any type of hors d’oeuvre with their fruity, stimulatingly fresh acidity.

Meat, roasts, poultry and in general spicy foods call for a Brut Nature Gran Reserva Cava, with more body and breadth to accompany these hearty dishes, without losing their personality.

For desserts, we should choose a Cava which is Semi-dry or Sweet, a little older, whose mildness and freshness make it the ideal accompaniment for desserts.

Needless to say, a white or rosé Cava is excellent with any type of fruit.

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