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VILAFRANCA DEL PENEDÈS, MARCH 28, 2017.- In the 2007-2016 period cava sales increased in 20 million bottles, strengthening its foothold in more than 130 countries.

Once again, we have to emphasize the constant improvement in exports due to a good evolution in third countries which, with an increase in sales of 4 million bottles, compensates for the fall in the European market (-2 million bottles) and the domestic market (-700,000 bottles).

In the last decade the combination of cava’s major markets increased its sales in 24.5 million bottles (21.8%). Special attention should be pay to the growth in Belgium, France, Japan, USA, The Netherlands, Sweden and Finland. However, markets such as Germany (-30.7%), United Kingdom (-18%) and Switzerland (-16.3%) experienced a decline in sales.


Premium segment grew 0.66% in 2016, up to 29.5 million bottles which represent 12% of total cava sales. Premium cavas had an exceptional performance in Denmark (40.4% of total cava sales), Germany (31%), Sweden (33.5%), Belgium (15.4%) and Japan (12%). This performance represents a recognition for the DO Cava strategy to increase premium cava exports and improve its positioning worldwide, following the cava industry goals. “Globalization and a higher market share for premium cavas are the key to the strengthening of the cava brand”, said Pedro Bonet, chairman of the DO Cava.

Traditional cavas increased their sales in 0.4% points in 2016, reaching 215.6 million bottles (88% of cava sales). The evolution was very similar in the domestic and the international markets, with a growth of 0.39%. An interesting fact was the increase in the average ageing time of traditional cavas: 13.6 months in 2016.

Also in 2016 rosé cavas experienced an increase in sales, confirming a positive trend attributed to a good acceptance among young and new customers. Rosé cavas sold 21.5 million bottles in 2016 (8.7% of total cava sales).

Finally, in 2016 organic cava was accounted as a separate segment for the first time. This segment sold 4 million bottles thanks to the efforts done by companies who are opting for environment-friendly production in all their versions.

2016 was a year of consolidation within a difficult environment, which shows the cava industry strength as well as its devotion for globalization and promotion of premium cavas.